Today, over 230 million websites contain basic accessibility errors.

Basic errors. Not complicated, obscure ones. Basic ones.

Take your mouse away. Put it out of reach. For the rest of the day.

Now carry on doing the things you normally do on a computer and see how far you get.

That is just a tiny example. Now try closing your eyes and carry on. How far do you get now?

The biggest battle I have is against ignorance.

It is not that people do not care, they just do not know.

I am on a mission to change this.

I am been passionate about website accessibility for disabled people since 2006.

I will not stop until each one of those 230 million websites no longer has those basic errors.

I cannot do it alone, will you join me?

My company, Access by Design, has been creating accessible websites since 2006.

We love helping others with their digital accessibility.
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I have also always been passionate about music. For 8 years, I composed music for Professional Media and there will lots of examples of my work in that section.
I have also had several health challenges (not all disabilities are visible) over the years and talk freely about them because they might be helpful to others.
In my blog I will share my personal thoughts on just about anything, usually about the lessons eventually learnt on my journey so far.
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