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A global army

I am raising a global army to Change The World, One Website At A Time. Will you join me?

There are 230 million inaccessible websites in the world today. That number is being added to, every single day.

We are not just talking about legacy websites, we are talking about brand-new ones.

We are not just talking about websites owned by charities, small businesses and other small organisations. We are also talking about larger businesses of every type, all the way up to huge corporations that span the globe.

We are talking about websites everywhere, the ones we use every day without a second thought, that just do not work for disabled people.

It is not that people do not care, they just do not understand where they are going wrong.

We can change that.

Not by beating them up.

Not by pointing the finger.

Instead, by working with each and every one of them, regardless of where they are today on their digital accessibility journey.

230 million is a lot of websites but it can be done.

There are millions of underemployed and unemployed disabled people around the globe who can lead the way. Each and every one of them deserves to be paid properly for effecting that change.

Sign up today

Right now, I want to spread the word. I do not know how long this is going to take but I feel strongly that I need to take this next step now.

If you are disabled and interested in getting involved in website accessibility testing, video editing, digital marketing or have other skills to offer, I want to hear from you.

If you just want to support us, whether you consider yourself disabled or not, I would love to have you on board.

Please fill in the form below.  Your data will not be shared with any 3rd party organisations.

Thank you. It starts today.