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Clive Live!

I first started public speaking around 2008 I think. I went to a lot of networking breakfasts and always looked for opportunities to present. It was not always just about digital accessibility, I would often give presentations on Google and the kind of things that Google was looking for. I have never sold any kind of Search Engine Optimisation Services, so I was able to give out a lot of information objectively. One of the difficulties I faced was the fact I would give out far too much information and melt everyone's brains! It is very easy to rattle on about a subject you know a lot about and be unaware that you lost some of the audience after the first few sentences!

Sometimes I would talk about my life story, it helped people understand why I am so passionate about what I do but that is always secondary. Anything I can do to get the message about digital accessibility out there is really all that matters. I don't have time for an ego, although I think I had one the size of Venezuela when I was a teenager with aspirations of being a rock star!

I always used Powerpoint and learned how to use it more effectively over time. I had my own projector and portable screen, so I was ready to speak anywhere and I would also take a portable speaker if I was playing any video clips. Of course it took forever to set all this up and everything that could possibly go wrong actually did, at least once!

I always had a script with me because of my memory but I rarely looked at it and would consequently go off in a random direction rather quickly! Having a script was especially useful when I did my TEDxTalk, that is one occasion you just want to get right!

Of course I am available if anyone would like to book me for a speaking gig: weddings, funerals, embroidery classes etc.., it is all good!

It reminds me of when I was a media composer: you write for anyone about anything!

I will put up more over time as I do them and when I find other previous ones.