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I came across a CD of Library music on one of my visits to London to see Cliff, whilst I was at Uni. Cliff was working at Air Studios at the time. Library music is ready-made music, cut to commercial lengths and used mostly within the corporate world. As an aspiring composer who was set on a career of writing music to picture, I found the idea very odd and when I cut my first audio CD to demo my skills, I actually called it "This is NOT A LIbrary CD" .

There was a track on it, a string quartet that I had written for a Uni module. I got a call from a Media company that was doing a low-budget programme for Channel 4 that had a piece on Bosnia and they asked if they could use it. There was no budget but was I happy to get the credit, which was actually worth far more. The irony of my music being used as library music was not lost on me though!

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