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My TEDxTalk is now featured on TED.com! 21/12/2022


In my previous post about my TEDxTalk, I said that the story did not end there.

A few months later, Dale Howarth got in touch again and told me that TED were very interested in featuring my talk on TED.com.

I was thrilled, of course, and rather overcome. There was extra due diligence required and I gave some extremely detailed feedback, explaining the clear evidence for everything that I had said. When a talk goes out on a channel as influential as TED.com, it is of course vital that everything stated can stand up to scrutiny.

I am so proud to announce that my talk is now live! This is not about me, or my ego or anything like that. It is about the message. That is all that matters and if my Talk can get more people thinking about Digital Accessibility, if it can get them a little further along on the journey, then that it all that matter.

However, the sobering reality is that over 230 million active websites on the World Wide Web contain basic accessibility errors and it MUST change.


Clive Loseby

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