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The Kingfisher Tailor

I got a paid opportunity to write some music for a pitch for an animated project called the Kingfisher Tailor in 1998.

It was set in an Aztec kingdom and my oldest friend Nigel Rippon, the most brilliant all-round musician I know, gave me some very helpful input into the style of music that might work. He also did some quite convincing ethnic singing!

I travelled up to London to meet the director to play him my ideas and he liked it made a passing comment that he was not overkeen on the fake ethnic singing. The brilliant Sarah Erasmus came over and laid some simply awesome vocals down and I was so pleased with the final piece of music.

Unfortunately, it then got rather badly chopped up in post-production and squashed down in the mix but the original track is still one of my favourites because it is something rather different!

I do not think the project ever got taken up and it was certainly an experience in learning that, at the end of the day, we composers are very much at the bottom of the food chain!

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