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Whose Wall Was It Anyway

I made this film for my dissertation. By this time, I had decided that writing music for TV and Film was what I wanted to do with my life. I had the opportunity to make a film for my dissertation and it turned into rather an all-consuming project! I was obsessed by Pink Floyd's The Wall and so I wrote my dissertation on the subject of autobiography in film. As well as studying Alan Parker's brilliant film, I also looked at the inventive French filmmakers Jean Vigo and FrançoisTruffaut, who were both pioneers in their art. I spent the Autumn term filming and editing on Hi8 Tapes!

As I composed the music and then edited the film to it, it was the reverse of what followed for the next 8 years as I wrote my music to fit to the images. In 2004, the final piece of music I wrote, called Breaking the Circle, was not written for picture. It was written for my post-grad, which I also studied at Chichester University. It was actually a nice way of closing off that chapter in my life, although I did not know it at the time!

This film was looking at my life as a teenager up until the accident in 1989. I am still very proud of it although be warned: there is a section of the film where Cath Dillon recorded a vocal track that is just brilliant. It might sound a bit rude though!

© Clive Loseby 1996