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Action Coach Interview 22/07/2022

It was lovely to have a chat with Sarah Williams from Action Coach, over Zoom.

It was scheduled for 15 minutes or so but we ended up going on much longer! I felt sorry for the poor chap who had to edit it afterwards but he did a good job!

Anyway, it was quite a wide-ranging interview. I explained my passionate for improving digital accessibility and why I would not swap it for the world.

It was also about business though, as there is no point in trying to change the world if you cannot make money and I am afraid I have made every conceivable mistake myself over the last 16 years! There are a few tips in there as well that might be useful to anyone who is thinking of taking the plunge and starting their own business.

The subtitles are auto-generated, not within my control but are not too bad. Since this interview, I have increased the size of my amazing website accessibility audit team, with the arrival of Krista Giannak!

Clive Loseby
Access by Design

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