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My first-ever gig was for a film about the plight of endangered animals, for the Asian Conservation Awareness Programme (ACAP) back in 1997.

It was originally narrated by John Hannah and was later redubbed into Mandarin by Jackie Chan and went worldwide.  It eventually had an estimated reach of around 1 Billion people in the end.

I also wrote the music for a bunch of celebrity messages, some examples are on this page as well.

Follow the links to view them and find out more about my experiences with them.


When the Buying Stops

Please be warned, this film contains distressing footage. 1996. I had graduated from Chichester University with a 2:1 in Music and Related Arts. I cut a CD of 6 pieces of music I had composed, 5 of which were assignments at Uni. The costs of getting 500 created was pretty massive back then...